• We want English Teacher Assistant Volunteers


    Academic Excellence based on Buddhism. English is the world window. so, we need English assistant for teaching english.

  • ASEAN in English Smartness


    MBUISC has prepared to enter ASEAN Community. We trust on unity in diversity.

  • Homework Discussion


    MBUISC is the university under jurisdiction of Royal Thai Government. So, the student must study hard according to Thai Educational standard.

  • Congratulation


    Mahamakut Buddhist University Isan Campus convocation ceremony.

  • Thai Culture


    MBUISC has supported national culture. so, the students have to dress Thai costume 1 day a week.

  • Big Cleaning Day


    MBUISC student must dedicate themselve for the society. MBUISC works for the society in the concept of "We love society."

  • Student Activity


    Freshy day for the first year student. MBUISC has prepared activity for the new students to make them know how to study and live together in this campus.

  • Teacher Day


    It's Thai tredition to respect the teacher. The student will prepare the flowers to respect all of the teacher in the campus.

  • In Computer Classroom


    MBUISC has supported the concept of knowledge with morality. the students have the direct opportunities to know all technological skills.

  • Teacher Day


    It's Thai tredition to respect the teacher. The student will prepare the flowers to respect all of the teacher in the campus.

  • Final Examination


    MBUISC students must pass all of the examination following the rule of the university.



English Assistants for Teaching English


1. Background and Rationale

As a global language, English is an important tool for people in every corner of the world to communicate. Current changes rapidly spread throughout the region in economic, political, educational, social, cultural and technological aspects. This leads to severe internal and external competition in seeking for essential resources for self-living. Therefore, English is inportant for the people to get well prepared for that change.

For educational aspect, English is considered a way to seek interdisciplinary knowledge. Thailand is one of countries in South East Asia that has a very strong educational system at all levels from primary education, secondary education to higher education, especially in the university.Teaching English in universities in Thailand is aimed at developing students'potentiality to cope with the challenging situations when the country enters into Asean Economic Community. English is also regarded as an official language in Asean Community. Mahamakut Buddhist University, Isan Campus, Khon Kaen Province is Buddhist University under jurisdiction and supervision of Royal Thai Government. It has prepared for the readiness in teaching English language for the students. Mahamakut Buddhist University, Isan Campus, has both Buddhist monks and ordinary students studying Buddhist Dhamma and general subjects from Bachelor Degree to Doctor Degree. At present, the university has four faculties with 1,000 students and 80 lecturers. The administrators of the campus have foreseen the importance of English language that is essential for education and living of the students.

Mahamakut Buddhist University, Isan Campus has its own English teaching staffs. Nonetheless, those are inadequate to develop English skills for the students, especially the English Native Speaking Staff. Therefore, Mahamkut Buddhist University, Isan Campus will run its own programme called English Assistants for Teaching English Programme . This programme has the aims to recruit foreign volunteer students and lecturers from English Native Speaking Countries to improve the English Potentiality of the students of Mahamakut Buddhist Unversity, Isan Campus.Also, it is the method to improve English Teaching Skills for the teaching staffs.



2. Objectives

2.1 To recruit the English Assistants for Teaching English at Mahamakut Buddhist University, Isan Campus.
2.2 To give students and teachers direct opportunities for developing their skills in learning and teaching English with the native speakers.
2.3 To promote good relationship and understanding between Thais and native speakers.


3. Participants

Six (6) English Teaching Volunteers (3 females and 3 males) [ the English Native Speaking Lecturers teaching in university or students studying at university ]

4. Duration

4.1 May – September 2013
4.2 Working period from June – September 2013

5. Subsidy sponsored by Mahamakut Buddhist University Isan Campus

5.1 Expenses of Baht 10,000/month/person.
5.2 Accommodation: Buddhist monastery, or University Hostel.
5.3 Lunch provided at University’s canteen.
5.4 Dhamma practice in holy shrines in the northeastern region.

6. Qualifications

6.1 Be a lecturer or a student from English Speaking Countries and now teaching or studying at university, or graduated.
6.2. Good behavior, attitude, and personality without criminal background.
6.3 Be able to teach both Buddhist monk and ordinary students.
6.4 Be able to stay and practice Dhamma in Buddhist monastery.
6.5 Bear his/her own expenses in securing VISA and life insurance.
6.6 Respect to multi-cultures and be able to adjust him/herself to Thai culture.
6.7 Be able to teach students and lecturers at university from Monday to Friday at least three (3) hours a day.

7. Procedure

7.1 Request for programme approval.
7.2 Set up committees for proceeding and working.
7.3 Place an announcement for recruiting volunteer from English Speaking Countries.
7.4 Prepare course curriculum and table of teaching.
7.5 Recruit qualified candidates.
7.6 Be prepared for organizing the opening ceremony of programme.
7.7 Organize orientation.
7.8 Supervise the assisted volunteer teachers to teach as schedule set.
7.9 Carry out programme assessment.

8. Budgeting

The budget allocated for “English Program for the Youth”, Mahamakut Buddhist
University Isan Campus, Khon Kaen province.

9. Responsible Unit

Core Unit: Mahamakut Buddhist University Isan Campus, Ban Non Chai,
Tambon Nai Muang, Muang District, Khon Kaen province. 40000

Consultant: Phrakru Vinaithornchavaphitaya Suthiro
Committees: Asst. Prof. Witoon Thacha Email:thachatoon@yahoo.com
Assoc. Prof. Pirot Buasook
Dr.Sitthiporn Khetjoi Email: piakealexander@yahoo.com
Mr. Saeng Arthit Thaimitr Email: khoondan2524@gmail.com
Mr. Teerachai Chartchonbot
Mr. Somsak Jantadee

10. Expectation

10.1 The foreign volunteers travell on teaching scheme as goal set
10.2 The foreign volunteers participating in the programme will have chances learn and absorb Thai culture and the way of life of Thai people.


Contact us for being English Assistants for Teaching English


1. crackman_feaw@hotmail.com

2. khoondan2524@gmail.com

3. piakealexander@yahoo.com



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